Words alone are not enough to describe our corporate philosophy.

We can also describe them in pictures: Cultivating a sense of tradition, setting clear benchmarks. Cosmopolitan and contemporary, trading around the world while still carrying our home in our hearts, to make the special the norm at a high level. This is the central message of the painting created by the artist Ingo Wagner from Stade on behalf of WTH GmbH.

At the centre of the work are the water and the coastline as well as the former harbour of the thousand-year-old but equally lively and charming Hanseatic town and Swedish fortress of Stade. Stade facilities such as the crane, the town scales and the customs house document the movement of goods. The Cosmae church tower as a symbol of Christian principles is also part of it. In addition, there is a heavily loaded ewer with billowed sails at full speed. So much for home.

The dominant red and white lighthouse on the right, the nautical chart in the background and the mighty compass in the left corner symbolise direction and “global commitment” to trade, which the Stade-based company pursues around the world.

Our German location:

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