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Heading Into a Better World?

In the past, when assessing the economic success of companies, we contented ourselves with the succinct remark that both customers and suppliers make regular use of services and that everything is therefore “right”. In short: more attention was paid to the product or the service itself, but less to the accompanying processes. – There’s more to come.

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Results of Kielce

(mud) – The “Plastpol” trade fair in Kielce, Poland, set an impressive example at the end of May. Even though not quite as many exhibitors and visitors came back after the break caused by the pandemic as in the years before the corona virus, the trade fair was full of a spirit of optimism.

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Always Share Knowledge

(mud) – If you want to work successfully at WTH, you have to be flexible. It can happen that sales employees think along with decisions for the sales area – or vice versa. Everyone is expected to keep up to date with their area of responsibility. Don’t be afraid to “look beyond the horizon”. And: Entrepreneurial thinking is expressly desired for the employees of the Stade company.

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WTH is Looking for Employees

(mud) – Gero Thieme recently placed three job advertisements. The WTH boss is looking for new staff for his trading company in Stade. Basically, “good people” are the best capital he can count on. That is why the job interviews are of great importance for the company boss. What is expected of the three “newcomers” above all is the willingness to constantly develop further – both technically and intellectually.

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Maintenance of Regular Customers

(mud) – It is always the same. Nevertheless, it turns out differently every time: The WTH workforce is in the starting blocks for the next twelve months. It will start off quietly, after all, people elsewhere, for example in China, celebrate the turn of the year later than in this country. But WTH managing director Gero Thieme has carefully worked out the plans for 2022. – The new year can start.

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Bestandspflege der Stammkunden

(mud) – Es ist immer dasselbe. Trotzdem kommt es jedesmal anders: Die Belegschaft der WTH steht in den Startlöchern für die nächsten zwölf Monate. Zwar wird es ruhig losgehen, immerhin feiern die Menschen anderswo, etwa in China, den Jahreswechsel später als hierzulande. Aber WTH-Geschäftsführer Gero Thieme hat die Pläne für 2022 sorgfältig ausgearbeitet. – Das neue Jahr kann beginnen.

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Made it through …

(mud) – What a year: The global corona pandemic is holding the world in suspense again. The blockage of the Suez Canal by the “Ever Given” in the spring caused horror: In front of and behind the container ship – after all one of the largest in the world – more than 400 ships were stowed. The supply of goods and raw materials is stalling around the globe. The international economy is groaning under the consequences. The WTH in Stade, like all other companies, is eager to see global developments – and can remain reasonably calm even under the leadership of Gero Thieme.

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Europa in Frieden

Als eine positive globale Kraft kann die Europäische Union (EU) wirklich stolz sein, was sie in sechzig Jahren geschaffen hat: In den nach dem Austritt Englands wieder 27 EU-Staaten herrscht weitgehend Wohlstand. Zentrale Elemente sind zudem Völkerverständigung und– ganz wichtig! – der daraus resultierende Frieden.

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